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SFB 1313 is an interdisciplinary Collaborative Research Centre of the University of Stuttgart, consisting of four major project areas (A-D), divided in 17 individual research projects. It is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and affiliated to the Cluster of Excellence "Data-integrated Simulation Science (SimTech)".

Interfaces have a great impact on multi-field processes (flow, transport and deformation) in porous-media systems. SFB 1313 aims to research these interfaces and to gain a fundamental understanding how they affect multi-field processes. An important step is therefore to quantify how the dynamics of fluid-fluid and fluid-solid interfaces in porous-media systems are affected by pore geometry, heterogeneity and fractures. Furthermore, developing experimental knowledge as well as mathematical and computational models will support SFB 1313‘s research.

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Oct 8, 2021 - C05: Process-dependent porosity-permeability relations for fluid-solid reactions in porous media
Piotrowski, Joseph; Huisman, Johan Alexander, 2021, "Sample Properties, Evaporation Data, and Pressure Measurements of MgSO4 Crusts on F32 Quartz Sand From 0.96 mol/L, 0.64 mol/L, and 0.32 mol/L Initial Concentration",, DaRUS, V2, UNF:6:xYGrTts04RzpxXSLpfQHTA== [fileUNF]
The dataset contains data from evaporation of magnesium sulfate solution with an initial concentration of 0.96 mol/L, 0.64 mol/L, and 0.32 mol/L from F32 quartz sand. Additionally, pressure measurement of the separated and dried crusts from 40%, 30%, and 20(25)% saturation inside...
Oct 7, 2021 - Simulation of flow in deformable fractures using a quasi-Newton based partitioned coupling approach
Jaust, Alexander; Schmidt, Patrick, 2021, "Replication Data for: Simulation of flow in deformable fractures using a quasi-Newton based partitioned coupling approach",, DaRUS, V1
This repository contains simulation data used in the preprint of "Simulation of flow in deformable fractures using a quasi-Newton based partitioned coupling approach" (arxiv / zenodo) including the scripts for determining the errors presented in the publication. The three cases p...
Sep 9, 2021 - Verification benchmarks for single-phase flow in three-dimensional fractured porous media
Gläser, Dennis, 2021, "Case 3 - Small Features",, DaRUS, V1
This dataset contains results related to the benchmark case 3 as described in detail in the call for participation. The sub-folder "reference" contains solutions for pressure in both the fractures and the bulk porous matrix on five different refinement levels. The naming scheme i...
Jul 6, 2021 - RootWaterUptake
Koch, Timo; Wu, Hanchuan; Schneider, Martin, 2021, "Replication Data for: Nonlinear mixed-dimension model for embedded tubular networks with application to root water uptake",, DaRUS, V1
This dataset contains scripts and data used to reproduce the results in the related publication (Koch et al. 2021). In detail, it contains data and scripts to show the effect of the Kirchhoff transformation for diffusion coefficients; convergence results for single and mutiple tu...
Jun 23, 2021 - Dynamic CT imaging
Trivedi, Zubin, 2021, "Dynamic CT imaging of bone cement injection through aluminium foam",, DaRUS, V1, UNF:6:H7VS7vaCTD5/iVSCIXdACQ== [fileUNF]
The process of vertebroplasty is experimentally simulated by injecting a commercially available bone cement (rheology previously characterised) into a piece of aluminium foam (diameter 40 mm) with pore structure similar to that of cancellous bone inside a vertebra. The cement inf...
Jun 23, 2021 - Rheological characterisation
Trivedi, Zubin, 2021, "Measuring the viscoelastic properties and curing characterstics of Vertecem V+ bone cement using oscillatory rheometer",, DaRUS, V1, UNF:6:/4Hsn/UYH9QPsLRp8mLktg== [fileUNF]
A commercially available bone cement (Vertecem V+) is subjected to an oscillometric test using a parallel plate rheomter in order to characterise its viscoelastic properties. For this, a small amount of bone cement is placed between the plates of the rheometer and subjected to os...
Jun 23, 2021 - Predicting Solvation Free Energies in Non-Polar Solvents using ClassicalDensity Functional Theory based on the PC-SAFT equation of state
Eller, Johannes; Matzerath, Tanja; van Westen, Thijs; Gross, Joachim, 2021, "Supporting Information: Solute Configurations in n-hexane, cyclohexane and benzene",, DaRUS, V1
This data set contains the intramolecular configurations of the considered solute molecules in n-hexane, cyclohexane and benzene used to calculate solvation free energies using classical density functional theory based on the PC-SAFT equation of state. The files include the carte...
Dynamic CT imaging(Universität Stuttgart)
Jun 21, 2021Experiment data
Rheological characterisation(Universität Stuttgart)
Jun 21, 2021Experiment data
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