RP3-1: Computational design, engineering and development of digitally fabricated multi-storey wood building system.
RP3-2: Co-design, adaptation, integration and optimization of multi-storey timber building systems for building stock extension.
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Jun 7, 2024 - ABxM Framework for Agent-based Modeling and Simulation
Nguyen, Long; Schwinn, Tobias; Groenewolt, Abel; Maierhofer, Mathias; Zorn, Max Benjamin; Stieler, David; Siriwardena, Lasath; Kannenberg, Fabian; Menges, Achim, 2022, "ABxM.Core: The Core Libraries of the ABxM Framework", https://doi.org/10.18419/darus-2994, DaRUS, V2
The ABxM.Core consists of the agent core library ABxM.Core and an interoperability library for Rhino 6 and later versions. ABxM.Core implements the functionality specific to agent-based modelling and simulation. The core library can, in principle, be referenced from any applicati...
May 23, 2024 - EXC IntCDC RP 3: Multi-Storey Wood Building System
Orozco, Luis; Siriwardena, Lasath; Menges, Achim, 2024, "ABxM.MultiStorey.Columns: Agent-based Column Arrangement for Multi-Storey Structures", https://doi.org/10.18419/darus-4171, DaRUS, V1
ABxM.MultiStorey.Columns is an add-on for the agent-based design and arrangement of columns in multi-storey, point-supported structures. The add-on contains various agent system constructs and utilities for column arrangement and is intended to be used within Rhino/Grasshopper. T...
May 23, 2024 - EXC IntCDC RP 3: Multi-Storey Wood Building System
Orozco, Luis; Skoury, Lior; Menges, Achim, 2024, "Multi-Level, Multi-Agent Timber Slab Design Method Proof of Concept", https://doi.org/10.18419/darus-4170, DaRUS, V1
This repository contains the algorithmic methods and geometric results of the proof of concept for a multi-level, multi-agent timber slab design method. It includes the base plan, the structural simulation methods used for both its initial rough and subsequent fine grain analysis...
May 23, 2024 - EXC IntCDC RP 3: Multi-Storey Wood Building System
Udaykumar, Keerthana; Orozco, Luis; Krtschil, Anna; Menges, Achim; Knippers, Jan, 2024, "Timber Column Slab Solver", https://doi.org/10.18419/darus-4172, DaRUS, V1
This dataset contains an agent-based exploration of the design space for modular slab and column systems. The primary objective is to equip designers with the ability to pinpoint structural configurations that adhere to Serviceability Limit State (SLS) deflection criteria from th...
May 15, 2024 - EXC IntCDC RP 3: Multi-Storey Wood Building System
Orozco, Luis; Krtschil, Anna; Skoury, Lior; Knippers, Jan; Menges, Achim, 2024, "Reinforcement Arrangement Data", https://doi.org/10.18419/darus-4181, DaRUS, V1
This repository contains three computational hollow timber slab reinforcement arrangement methods and their results when applied to a testing setup representing the architectural goals of the developed timber building system. The testing setup includes the floor plate boundaries,...
May 7, 2024
Krtschil, Anna; Orozco, Luis; Shah, Anand; Chen, Tzu-Ying; Menges, Achim; Knippers, Jan, 2024, "Replication Data for: Structural development of a novel punctually supported timber building system for multi-storey construction", https://doi.org/10.18419/darus-4166, DaRUS, V1, UNF:6:CgMKEPQT3HoCQ7EFUf5Aog== [fileUNF]
This dataset contains the experimental data of the tension tests of a stepped 3-layer Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) connection that is described in the related publication. The dataset contains load and displacement values. The stepped edge connection is tested for different horiz...
Sep 6, 2023 - EXC IntCDC RP 3: Multi-Storey Wood Building System
Orozco, Luis; Svatoš-Ražnjević, Hana; Menges, Achim, 2022, "Stakeholders in Multi-storey Timber Data", https://doi.org/10.18419/darus-2740, DaRUS, V2
This dataset contains a collection of data on almost 540 stakeholders in multi-storey timber construction. The list includes architects, engineers, and manufacturers involved in the design and construction of 300 contemporary multi-storey timber projects built between 2000 and 20...
Aug 31, 2023 - Publications
Tapia Camú, Cristóbal; Aicher, Simon, 2023, "Replication Data for: A new concept for column-to-column connections for multi-storey timber buildings - Numerical and experimental investigations", https://doi.org/10.18419/darus-3318, DaRUS, V2, UNF:6:gvvNiEJEFzTByhaIsaPJVQ== [fileUNF]
This repository contains the experimental data of the tests described in the paper, as well as the python scripts used for the analysis of the data. Also, the finite element model in form of an Abaqus python script is included.
Jul 12, 2023 - EXC IntCDC RP 3: Multi-Storey Wood Building System
Orozco, Luis; Krtschil, Anna; Wagner, Hans Jakob; Knippers, Jan; Menges, Achim, 2023, "Floor Plate Segmentation Data", https://doi.org/10.18419/darus-3539, DaRUS, V1
This repository contains the geometric results of six developed computational floor plate segmentation methods as applied to sixteen example floor plans. It includes the floor plate boundaries, column locations, and plate edges for each resulting segmentation, as well as the geom...
Aug 9, 2022 - EXC IntCDC Research Project 12 'Computational Co-Design Framework for Fibre Composite Building Systems'
Abdelaal, Moataz; Schiele, Nathan Daniel; Angerbauer, Katrin; Kurzhals, Kuno; Sedlmair, Michael; Weiskopf, Daniel, 2022, "Supplemental Materials for: Comparative Evaluation of Bipartite, Node-Link, and Matrix-Based Network Representations", https://doi.org/10.18419/darus-3100, DaRUS, V1
The supplemental materials of the paper titled Comparative Evaluation of Bipartite, Node-Link, and Matrix-Based Network Representations, which was accepted for presentation at IEEE VIS 2022 conference. The structure of the folder is as follows: . └── code |── NetworkGenerati...
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