SimTech EXC 2075 Project Network 1 "Data-integrated models and methods for multiphase fluid dynamics"
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Nov 9, 2023 - PN 1-2B
Potyka, Johanna; Schulte, Kathrin, 2023, "Setups for and Outcomes of Immiscible Liquid Droplet Collision Simulations",, DaRUS, V3, UNF:6:qeJBCuC11BIa6WGzldHxhw== [fileUNF]
Tabulated data of the setups and outcomes of the immiscible liquid and single liquid droplet collisions for the publication Johanna Potyka, Kathrin Schulte: A volume of fluid method for three dimensional direct numerical simulations of immiscible droplet collisions, International...
PN 1-3 (II)(Universität Stuttgart)
Jul 18, 2023
SimTech Project PN 1-3 (II) "Influence of Anisotropy and Permeability on Turbulent Pumping by Highly Space and Time-resolved Measurements"
PN 1-1 (II)(Universität Stuttgart)
Jul 18, 2023
SimTech Project PN 1-1 (II) "Data-driven closures for turbulent free and porous media flows"
Jul 18, 2023 - BLinK
Schlaich, Alexander, 2023, "Material for the paper "The possible role of lipid bilayer properties in the evolutionary disappearance of betaine lipids in seed plants."",, DaRUS, V1
Simulation input scripts to produce the data presented in the manuscript "The possible role of lipid bilayer properties in the evolutionary disappearance of betaine lipids in seed plants." All simulations were carried out using the GROMACS simulation package. The folders contain...
Jul 14, 2023 - PN 1-2B
Potyka, Johanna; Schulte, Kathrin; Planchette, Carole, 2023, "Simulation and Experimental data on liquid distribution after the head-on separation of immiscible liquid droplet collisions",, DaRUS, V1, UNF:6:VtoN4ZBydACWPcafGjKHtA== [fileUNF]
This dataset provides three tables: 1) Regime map data: The tabulated data represent the material properties, the impact conditions, the separation mechanism as well as the non-dimensional quantities of all experiments and simulations relevant for the associated publication. 2) T...
PN 1-2B(Universität Stuttgart)
Jun 21, 2023
In this project, the Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS) software FS3D is developed further and employed for parameter studies on multi-phase flow. Modelling approaches for multi-phase interaction processes applicable for the prediction of lager systems are sought with the obtaine...
BLinK(Universität Stuttgart)
Jun 7, 2023Membranes
Container for the BLinK project
Membranes(Universität Stuttgart)
Jun 7, 2023PN 1-8
Dataverse containig material on lipid membranes and surfaces interactions
Mar 2, 2023 - PN 1-6
Kelm, Mathis; Bringedal, Carina; Flemisch, Bernd, 2023, "Replication Data for phase-field contributions in level-set comparison study",, DaRUS, V1, UNF:6:MsNXqcARspF5yuVdFLKT0Q== [fileUNF]
Primary and post-processed simulation data and visualization tools to reproduce the phase-field results presented in the related publication. The folders "simulation" and "effective_quantities" contain primary simulation results obtained with the code published in the DuMux-pub m...
Feb 13, 2023 - C04: Pore-scale and REV-scale approaches to biological and chemical pore-space alteration in porous media
Keim, Leon; Class, Holger; Schirmer, Larissa; Strauch, Bettina; Wendel, Kai; Zimmer, Martin, 2023, "Code for: Seasonal Dynamics of Gaseous CO2 Concentrations in a Karst Cave Correspond With Aqueous Concentrations in a Stagnant Water Column",, DaRUS, V1
This dataset contains the DuMux code for the simulations in For the detailed list of software used, please have a look at the file To run the simulations at your own computer, please conduct the following steps: In...
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