SimTech Project PN6-3 "Understanding Physical Constraints in Machine Learning for Simulation"
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Jun 20, 2022
Holzmüller, David; Steinwart, Ingo, 2022, "Code for: Training Two-Layer ReLU Networks with Gradient Descent is Inconsistent",, DaRUS, V1
This data set contains code used to generate figures and tables in our paper "Training Two-Layer ReLU Networks with Gradient Descent is Inconsistent". The code is also available on GitHub. Information on the code and installation instructions can be found in the file
Python Source Code - 16.2 KB - MD5: 727ea9050972d03f12c6aa5b32b7e37c
Python Source Code - 58 B - MD5: 2b8520afbcb24f93040273f4edfee4b7
Gzip Archive - 5.6 GB - MD5: 220970917c2371206a808c02bbb9f359
Data generated by running the code
Python Source Code - 19.2 KB - MD5: 06303383461187b4df57f1e6a54afb12
Python Source Code - 2.0 KB - MD5: 49e899167f27aa3a56082814c8446a2a
Plain Text - 11.1 KB - MD5: 620a9251fad92ed98289fc61c7ee3681
Python Source Code - 2.7 KB - MD5: d298130fc29f0a84b33b58ad0d100a06
Python Source Code - 4.7 KB - MD5: 81fe6dd140e7b4020884a3af4f310285
Python Source Code - 5.9 KB - MD5: a945f74f987c58d0cd7e8f5410390a11
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