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Feb 2, 2023
Häußler, Max, 2023, "From raw data to kinetic parameters: an EnzymeML-based workflow for reproducible enzyme kinetics",, DaRUS, V1
Master thesis in the form of a JupyterBook with the title: "From raw data to kinetic parameters: an EnzymeML-based workflow for reproducible enzyme kinetics" JupyterBook can be accessed via: Goal of the thesis was the developme...
Feb 15, 2022 - EnzymeML at work
Pinto, Maria Filipa, 2022, "Catalysis of L-cysteine by IscS in the presence of IscU",, DaRUS, V1
Measured was the reaction from cysteine to alanine by the Cysteine desulfurase, for six different initial concentrations of cysteine. The data consists of three data points over the course of 2.5 minutes for alanine. Additionally, the concentration of cysteine over time was calcu...
Feb 15, 2022 - EnzymeML at work
Malzacher, Stephan, 2022, "Carboligation of Pyruvate catalysed by HcAHAS C Unit",, DaRUS, V1
The data was measured in the course of a Bachelor thesis and filled into the EnzymeML Spreadsheet. Measured was the absorption for the reaction from pyruvate to acetolactate. The measurements were conducted for six different pH values (in the range from pH 5 to pH8). For each of...
Feb 15, 2022 - EnzymeML at work
Høst, Amalie Vang, 2022, "Deactivation of Glucose Oxidase",, DaRUS, V1
The data is unpublished and contains absorption data over time, together with the calculated initial rates. Reaction conditions and the experimental setup are described in the additional Method section. Measured was the deactivation of Glucose Oxidase over time. The enzyme activi...
Feb 15, 2022 - EnzymeML at work
Lagerman, Colton, 2022, "Synthesis and Hydrolysis of Cephalexin",, DaRUS, V1
Investigated was the synthesis and hydrolysis of cephalexin, and the hydrolysis of phenylglycine methyl ester by an amino ester hydrolase. The concentrations of all reactants over time were measured, for four different initial concentrations of cephalexin and phenylglycine methyl...
Feb 15, 2022 - EnzymeML at work
Ngubane, Sandile, 2022, "Oxidation of ABTS by Trametes versicolor laccase",, DaRUS, V1
Investigated was the oxidation of ABTS and syringaldazine by Trametes versicolor laccase. For this, the concentration of the substrate over time was measured, for different initial concentrations. All measurements were repeated for three replicates.
Feb 15, 2022 - EnzymeML at work
Spöring, Jan-Dirk, 2022, "Propioin Synthesis using Benzoin Aldolase",, DaRUS, V1
Investigated was the ligation of two molecules propanal in organic conditions, catalysed by the benzoin aldolase, which was added in the form of lyophillised whole cells. The reaction was performed in triplicate, with 200 mM as the starting concentration of the propanal in all ca...
EnzymeML at work(Universität Stuttgart)
Feb 7, 2022
Supplementary datasets for the publication "EnzymeML at work".
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