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SFB/Transregio 161 "Quantitative Methods for Visual Computing" (Universität Stuttgart, Universität Konstanz, Universität Ulm, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)

The Collaborative Research Centre 161 “Quantitative Methods for Visual Computing” is an interdisciplinary research centre at the University of Stuttgart and the University of Konstanz, funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) under project number 251654672. Ulm University and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München are participating institutions in the second funding period, which started in 2019, following the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Tübingen in the first funding period.

The goal of SFB/Transregio 161 is establishing the paradigm of quantitative science in the field of visual computing, which is a long-term endeavour requiring a fundamental research effort broadly covering four research areas, namely quantitative models and measures, adaptive algorithms, interaction and applications. In the second funding period, new research directions are being approached, such as integrating machine learning, algorithms for real-time and dynamic adaptions and combining quantitative and qualitative methods. Furthermore SFB/Transregio 161 is looking into the quantification of immersion, acknowledging the raising interest in the whole spectrum of mixed reality applications in the recent past. Finally, the second funding period also addresses studies in the wild, working on evaluation methods for unconstrained studies.

In SFB/Transregio, approximately 40 scientists in the fields of computer science, visualisation, computer vision, human computer interaction, linguistics and applied psychology are jointly working on improving the quality of future visual computing methods.

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Jul 8, 2020 - SFB-TRR 161 INF "Collaboration Infrastructure"
Müller, Christoph, 2020, "SFB/Transregio 161 Data Management Plan 2019-2023",, DaRUS, V1
The participating universities in SFB/Transregio 161 acknowledge the general importance of research data management as a vital issue for all of their work and provide increasing central support for long-term accessibility and reusability of data, documentation of methods and tool...
May 28, 2020 - SFB-TRR 161 A02 "Quantifying Visual Computing Systems"
Bruder, Valentin; Müller, Christoph; Frey, Steffen; Ertl, Thomas, 2020, "Runtime performance measurements of interactive visualisation algorithms",, DaRUS, V1
Runtime performance measurements for GPU-based direct volume rendering and GPU-based raycasting of spherical particles on ten different discrete graphics processing units from AMD and NVIDIA. The data set at hand systematically evaluates typical factors influencing performance of...
SFB-TRR 161 A02 "Quantifying Visual Computing Systems" logo
May 14, 2020
The long-term goal of this project is to quantify visual computing systems, assess, model and ultimately predict important characteristics that have a substantial impact on user experience.
SFB-TRR 161 INF "Collaboration Infrastructure"(Universität Stuttgart, Universität Konstanz)
SFB-TRR 161 INF "Collaboration Infrastructure" logo
May 14, 2020
Project INF supports the other projects of SFB/Transregio 161 by providing a central approach to data management and an infrastructure for virtual meetings in a large, high-resolution display scenario.
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