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JPEG Image - 1.3 MB - MD5: 0bfea78c3b53452fb2884585711448f4
Circulation Time Distribution over reactor height with uncertainty.
JPEG Image - 725.2 KB - MD5: 9603e6617b6153d53f3f567f115c81a3
Dimensionless mixing time n*t vs. stirrer Reynolds number
Plain Text - 7.0 KB - MD5: 70c6144a36572b4400b1a4296cb29b9a
This function calculates circulation time and related statistics based on provided data. It iterates through each LSP's height data to determine circulation time per plane. It then calculates weighted averages and errors for both individual planes and overall circulation time.
Plain Text - 2.3 KB - MD5: d474161af009e6d2bc7f86c90e516667
This function helps clearing selected variables from the workspace and is utilized in the code. Version: 16.09.2009, (c) Roland Pfister
Plain Text - 9.6 KB - MD5: 4c7fc321a50a9b4307c0753fe658abc7
The function calculates the edges of compartments in a system based on the provided circulation and residence time data. It utilizes the ischange function to detect changes in the data indicating compartment boundaries. The function handles data preprocessing, smoothing, and chan...
Plain Text - 4.1 KB - MD5: a6d5f91e0406a638fa1f326ab71583ff
This function calculates the normalized sum-product average of the PDF over height, its associated error, and provides data for creating a shaded area in a plot to represent the uncertainty in the PDF over height. The function first normalizes the height data and bin spaces, and...
Plain Text - 8.5 KB - MD5: 8168abc8baf648322264b754f2ef1f44
The f_PDF_v_ax function calculates the probability density function (PDF) for the axial velocity distribution with a weighted average. Here's a detailed overall description of the function: The function takes a matrix dh_dt as input, where each column represents axial velocity da...
Plain Text - 13.7 KB - MD5: d4b1da5e8c964427c33c82c86f0716e8
This function navigates directory structures to read raw data and metadata from XML files, processes the data for different reactor speeds (RPM), and provides raw and smoothed interpolated data arrays for further analysis. For this purpose it utilizes two local functions.
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