This dataverse contains all collected data of "Plattform SYP82 Teile" with inventory number PL04-20. The data is divided into different datasets according to the measurement technique used for digitisation. An information dataset is included with metadata about the object.

In summary, the following is known about the object:

inertial platforms
Object condition
Object inscription
Front: [E.F.H. INC] [301][Kaydon 8118-1]
Left: J5 P5, J6 P6
Right: [J7] [J7] [J9] [SI]
Bottom: [Weston Inc Transicoil Div U-21 0305, S/N83] [MP/654]
Further information
Gimbal-Baugruppe aus der Kurslageplatform SYP 820 der Transall C 160, Lizenz von Fa Sperry, USA
Schenkung Dr. Bernard Dez 2019
Fiat G91, Transall C160
Object dimensions (height x width x length, possibly with diameter) [mm]
177 x 169 x 169
Weight [kg]
Further objects of the same type

PL04-20 is one object of the digital gyroscope collection. For more information about the collection and its creation, please see the documentation dataset: Niklaus, Maria, 2021, "Information about the Gyrolog data repository", doi: 10.18419/darus-821, DaRUS.

To refer to the whole collection, please use the following citation: Wagner, Jörg F.; Ceranski, Beate; Fritsch, Dieter; Mammadov, Gasim; Niklaus, Maria; Schweizer, Timo; Simon, Sven; Zhan, Kun, 2021, "Digital Gyroscope Collection Created by the Project 'Gyrolog'", doi: 10.18419/darus-gyrolog, DaRUS.

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