This dataverse contains all collected data of "Kurskreisel S3A ohne Gehäuse" with inventory number MÜ55-18. The data is divided into different datasets according to the measurement technique used for digitisation. An information dataset is included with metadata about the object.

In summary, the following is known about the object:

directional gyro
Object condition
Sperry Gyroscope Co., Div. The Sperry Corp
Object inscription
Typenschild "Auto Pilot Component Control; Directional Electrically Driven Gyro, Type S3A, Stock No. 6240- 673447, SPEC No. MIL C-6231, Order No. AF-23471, U. S. Property MFR'S. Part No 673447; MFR'S. Serial No. AF 53-21269, Sperry Gyroscope Company Div. The Sperry Corporation"
"Manufactured under the following U.S. Patents, RE.21,970 2,092,032; RE. 22,699 2,357,319; 1,982,702 2,427,654; Other Patents Pending"
Auf Kreisel: "670275, [?9933] Assy, 832486 ASS'Y"
Further information
Zwei Stecker angebracht an Objekt (vermutl. Für Experimente)
Further objects of the same type

MÜ55-18 is one object of the digital gyroscope collection. For more information about the collection and its creation, please see the documentation dataset: Niklaus, Maria, 2021, "Information about the Gyrolog data repository", doi: 10.18419/darus-821, DaRUS.

To refer to the whole collection, please use the following citation: Wagner, Jörg F.; Ceranski, Beate; Fritsch, Dieter; Mammadov, Gasim; Niklaus, Maria; Schweizer, Timo; Simon, Sven; Zhan, Kun, 2021, "Digital Gyroscope Collection Created by the Project 'Gyrolog'", doi: 10.18419/darus-gyrolog, DaRUS.

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