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Jun 5, 2021
Ceranski, Beate; Fritsch, Dieter; Mammadov, Gasim; Niklaus, Maria; Schweizer, Timo; Simon, Sven; Wagner, Jörg F.; Zhan, Kun, 2021, "2D pictures of MÜ26-18", https://doi.org/10.18419/darus-1724, DaRUS, V1
Dataset contains all pictures (.jpg; .arw) that were taken during the 2D digitisation strategy for this object. Order of data: object was digitised according to a digitisation schema visible within the Dataset characteristic view, front view, left view, back view, right view, bot...
image/ARW - 81.6 MB - MD5: 2bfe37b2225a6b03afadb4b5809ca7f0
JPEG Image - 7.2 MB - MD5: a5317ace3cfef74d5bacf9b378ba7404
image/ARW - 81.6 MB - MD5: fa2de60a9daaa1ab0d7f951ebd082b4e
JPEG Image - 7.5 MB - MD5: f6e53ff24c071909e0d9f6b84cd14906
image/ARW - 81.6 MB - MD5: 1a0fca7766c22948eacf4bebd028748b
JPEG Image - 7.3 MB - MD5: 045a8c255275c0ddb70b00954ade49f8
image/ARW - 81.5 MB - MD5: ee07cd8bd2da11da925c9bae99d1d626
JPEG Image - 5.6 MB - MD5: d73acb860608d64560f8620794f24865
image/ARW - 81.5 MB - MD5: 98562044bf5c2f679051950e19605bff
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