This dataverse contains all collected data of "Verpackung für Lagekreisel G200" with inventory number LK05/02-17. The data is divided into different datasets according to the measurement technique used for digitisation. An information dataset is included with metadata about the object.

In summary, the following is known about the object:

attitude gyro
Object condition
Object inscription
Front: [604900-3 (RSPL I/N 10403), Gyro S/N (handschriftlich: 9393), QTY. 1 Each, (handschriftlich +)], [Method II Package, Packeaged with Desiccant, Do not open until ready for use or inspection]
Back: Reusable Drum, Do Not Destroy
Bottom: Sheet metal speciality Div. Follansbee, W.VA., AN8029-27, 1953
Upward: [handschriftlich S-1840-C], [OP?? Only -Fo???se, A???43, Preserved]
Object dimensions (height x width x length, possibly with diameter) [mm]
250 x Ø255
Weight [kg]

LK05/2-17 is one object of the digital gyroscope collection. For more information about the collection and its creation, please see the documentation dataset: Niklaus, Maria, 2021, "Information about the Gyrolog data repository", doi: 10.18419/darus-821, DaRUS.

To refer to the whole collection, please use the following citation: Wagner, Jörg F.; Ceranski, Beate; Fritsch, Dieter; Mammadov, Gasim; Niklaus, Maria; Schweizer, Timo; Simon, Sven; Zhan, Kun, 2021, "Digital Gyroscope Collection Created by the Project 'Gyrolog'", doi: 10.18419/darus-gyrolog, DaRUS.

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