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Plain Text - 144.2 KB - MD5: 174db7a3a2b1469ba7d814d403813009
Positions of the particles constituting the agglomerate. One particle position as X, Y, Z coordinates per row. Positions are measured in multiples of 20nm.
Python Source Code - 6.6 KB - MD5: b503a4a5a9ef40732092551cef929d42
Python Source Code - 6.8 KB - MD5: 097a88bd4e844a2546906f6fe1e1a6ee
ZIP Archive - 17.1 MB - MD5: e4819b09c36c4e2c979e08675690d99e
ESPResSo 4.1.2 with generic_dd module to use librepa as backend to ESPResSo.
ZIP Archive - 25.4 MB - MD5: 2446b934682eae85e73df79ab1b2f634
Old version of ESPResSo with custom additions to perform coupled load-balancing.
application/x-awk - 487 B - MD5: ebbfc9c5578973c2482d8bd1e434825d
text/x-patch - 17.1 KB - MD5: 5985e01a97ae681e50e8d5781c05ec21
Patch to allow for the inclusion of an external time-dependent flow field like in our soot particle agglomeration simulation methodology.
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