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Jan 29, 2024
Bechtold, Marvin; Barzen, Johanna; Leymann, Frank; Mandl, Alexander, 2024, "Data repository for: Cutting a Wire with Non-Maximally Entangled States",, DaRUS, V1, UNF:6:79HIPgCvMDi51TZ2V7NUew== [fileUNF]
This dataset contains the replication code for the publication titled "Cutting a Wire with Non-Maximally Entangled States." The provided code represents the version utilized to generate the experimental results documented in the corresponding publication. For comprehensive instru...
Tabular Data - 58.2 MB - 14 Variables, 300000 Observations - UNF:6:79HIPgCvMDi51TZ2V7NUew==
Generated data. A detailed description of the columns can be found in the file.
Adobe PDF - 196.7 KB - MD5: 01650ac972958f9fe0687708d2fb0990
Figure 6: Plot from the generated data.
Python Source Code - 5.6 KB - MD5: fb27515fd970f4ae24ec784a95135668
Functions to execute the experiment.
Python Source Code - 2.0 KB - MD5: 1fc9a5bf680067c551ab1383bf284237
Functions for generating non-maximally entangled states.
Jupyter Notebook - 14.1 KB - MD5: ae52057f8c26b99ebe6441530afee887
The main entry point to run new experiments.
Jupyter Notebook - 41.7 KB - MD5: 1e4cd09824803ddcc107348c88583166
The main entry point to plot generated data. Requires the data as CSV file.
Markdown Text - 2.7 KB - MD5: 14c26b62957d6d0d54a3bb8c129ef11a
Readme file with additional information on the data and code.
Plain Text - 2.2 KB - MD5: f74ff9705432d88bf78f186c1d8a26ed
Python requirements for reproduction.
Python Source Code - 4.8 KB - MD5: 894906f22dbd93ef4e3308dae176b06d
Functions to perform quantum teleportation.
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